BasicDEM Viewer

New values can be directly typed into any of the white fields with a pair of arrows at their sides. These arrows can also be clicked on by the mouse to increment or decrement the value in the box. The date can range from 1900 to 2000. Coordinates can be express in either Metric or English units. The six boxes for the points P1, P2 and P0 refer to the selection box draw in the map window.

Pressing the Globe button will generate a window with the DEM file graphically displayed. The File Cabinet button will open a dialog box for selecting DEM files. The Help button starts the Windows help system displaying BasicDEM's help file. Help and information about the author can be reached from the window frame menu. The Green Stairs button terminates the program.

From the File choice on the window frame menu, it is possible to export or import various file types. The Options choice allows the user to save preferences for the next time BasicDEM is executed.

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