Contributions to the Lechuguilla Photomap

The images on this page have been digitally reduced to 256 colors and a reasonable quality of jpeg compression to speed downloading. Each file is under 50Kbytes. Contributions to this page must fit into that format.

Although I may recognize where your picture was taken, the location of your photo must be included so that I can accurately place it on the map.

If you have electronic representations of Lechuguilla photographs and lack the software to create the format for this page, I can do that for you. We can make arrangements to either ftp or email the files.

If you do not already have electronic representation of your prints, I can do that for you free of charge. In exchange for allowing your print to be posted on this www page, in the reduced format, you will recieve computer files in the format, size and color density of your choice. Of course all prints will be returned and contributions will be creditted on this page.

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