****           WINKARST VERSION 12.5                      ****


Bugs and improvements

o Updated geomagnetic parameters for the 2010-2015 epoch.


****           WINKARST VERSION 12.4                      ****


o Better recognition of modified data in editor.


o Cut and paste shots into a new survey starts at first shot.


o Survey comments no longer lost from editor.


o Morph only viewed sketches.


o Area morphed proportional to the amount of error.


o True depth at station vertical control for under water




****           WINKARST VERSION 12.3                      ****


o Vastly improved sketch initial placement and morphing.


o Calulated magnetic declination shown for survey in editor

  when overall cave is "auto" calculated for information.


o Addition of reference points to sketches in editor not

  recognized as modified corrected.



****           WINKARST VERSION 12.2                      ****


o Reading in SDTS, DEM, or TIF files on a different datum

  are now correctly placed relative to each other.


o Cave survey retains datum specified and not changed by

  reading in a SDTS, DEM or TIF file.


o SDTS or DEM files on lat/lon grids are resampled to UTM

  grid and properly displayed.



****           WINKARST VERSION 12.1                      ****


o New geomagnetic epoch parameters for 2005 through 2010.


o DXF export in meters if survey in meters.


o Open geotiff image dialog, cancel no longer causes error.


o Open geotiff extensions with .tiff.


o Saving an survey with a geographic file (SDTS/DEM/GEOTIF)

  from the editor caused and error on second attempt.



****           WINKARST VERSION 12.0                      ****


WinKarst 12.0 is available now. The two most important

improvements are support for GeoTiff files and improved

handling of Compass DAT and MAK files. WinKarst is by far the

most useful software for cave survey and mapping.


WinKarst is "shareware" with a 30-day trial period. WinKarst

runs on Windows '95 through XP operating systems. It is

recommended the Pentium class computer have at 256MB of RAM and

a display resolution of at least 800x600 and set to display

24 or 32 bit color.


A fee of $25 registers a license, previous and subsequent

registered users can upgrade for. The update includes an

updated help file and online pdf manual suitable for printing.


View the general description at




and download at




and email to




The major enhancements in Version 12.0 are


o GeoTiff

  - Read TIF images that contain geographic information.

  - Automatically place cave survey with GeoTiff map image.

  - Remove collars and place adjacent maps into composite.

  - Display GeoTiff map in Locator window.

  - Combine SDTS/DEM data with GeoTiff for shaded relief maps.

  - Write images of survey and sketches as GeoTiff files.


o Improved Compass support

  - Extract UTM coordinates from PLT files as control points.

  - Read and write Compass project files (MAK).


o Miscellaneous improvements

  - Sketches can either be PNG or TIF image types.

  - Better detection of when data is modified, not over sensitive.

  - Compass points to true north, not UTM north.

  - Prevent mixing cave survey file types.


For previous users of WinKarst, the user can install version 12.0

directly over an earlier version and it should assume your

existing registration code. However, as a precaution, please write

down your registration code by running the older version

first and accessing the Registration dialog from the Help

pull down menu. Then install the new version.



Detailed descriptions


o GeoTiff

  - GeoTiff images are TIF images geographic information

    embedded in tags that specify the parameters that make

    the image a map. GeoTiff images are widely available and

    typically are USGS topographical maps or aerial photos.

  - Once the GeoTiff image is read into memory, WinKarst can

    accurately place the cave survey within the image with

    the click of a single tool bar button. The view of the

    survey can be zoomed and panned and the correct placement

    is always maintained.

  - WinKarst can optionally remove the white collar of USGS

    topographical maps, enabling several maps to be placed

    together in a composite view.

  - The entire GeoTiff image can be placed in the child

    Locator window, with the entrances of the caves marked.

    The Locator window allows the user to select smaller areas

    to view from a larger region, such as a 7.5 minute topo.

  - The GeoTiff image, topographical map or aerial photo, can

    be combined with SDTS/DEM data to create shaded relief maps.

    The resultant images can be exported.

  - The view in the main window of the cave survey on a GeoTiff

    image can be exported as a new GeoTiff image. This allows

    the user to create smaller scale images or create images

    for import into other GIS applications such as ArcView.


o Improved Compass support

  - Previously, WinKarst could only read Compass DAT and PLT

    files. When reading PLT files, if the file contained

    separate caves, WinKarst would only show the first cave.

    WinKarst can now process all parts of PLT files and

    extract control points as UTM coordinates.

  - WinKarst can now read and write Compass MAK files. This

    includes link or control points and UTM zone number. Note

    that WinKarst treats included surveys differently than

    DAT files within a MAK file. Compass assumes stations

    with the same name within different DAT files are the

    same station, whether or not they are in a different

    cave or not. Stations in different caves can have the

    same names in WinKarst.