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NEW for 2015 the updated version of GeoMag with the 2015 geomagnetic parameters, valid until 2020. The Geographic Magnetic Calculator is a tool to help you determine UTM Coordinates and the Magnetic Declination that correspond to a longitude/latitude location. GeoMag is freeware and can be downloaded for your personal use and can only be distributed as a stand alone application. Now updated for the lastest geomagnetic epoch parameters, 2015 through 2020.

GeoMag has date entry boxes with up/down arrows that allow the user to change the location and time for which the Earth's magnetic declination is calculated. When the longitude or latitude change, GeoMag automatically translates the location to UTM easting, northing, zone number and convergence. In reverse, when changes occur in the UTM easting, northing or zone, GeoMag automatically translates the longitude and latitude. In both case, the Earth's magnetic declination is updated.

Clicking the mouse on the map will set the location, calculate the UTM coordinates and magnetic declination. Clicking and holding the mouse button allows the user to drag the focus position to another location. After a location is set, the displayed coordinates are update and the magnetic declination determined. All units are either kilometers/meters and degrees/decimal minutes of angle.

The program can also calculate the magnetic declination for any location in the period from 1600 to the year 2015. The magnetic declination and intensity can be graphically layered on the earth in different colors. Currently displayed values can be saved to a text file.

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